6 looks with maxi coat

Make the most of your maxi coat! It is one of the garments of the season and more and more women are making themselves with an XXL coat that reaches, at least, mid-thigh. Depending on how you wear it, this coat can create an image of yourself more elegant, more urban or more fashionable, so learn all the tricks to turn your maxi coat into the garment you need for every occasion. In this article we are going to offer you 6 looks with a maxi coat that you can take advantage of both for an important meeting and for an afternoon shopping with friends. 

Steps to follow:

1. One of the looks with a maxi coat that you can try is to combine it with another seasonal garment: the maxi dress. With this style you will be able to follow the trend of boho chic a little more since it inspires a woman with a more hippy and very feminine air. In addition, if you combine it with accessories such as hats, necklaces, bracelets, belts, etc., you will get a striking and very striking result.

2. A more urban option and perfect for events of all kinds (both formal and informal) is the set that we propose below. It is about going to be dressed in a basic way with skinny jeans and an elegant blouse to put on your maxi coat. To obtain this image, it is recommended that you go with ankle boots or shoes that are simple and, if you feel like it, you can try a hat that will give your outfit a modern touch.

3. We continue with the looks with maxi coats, taking advantage of another of the most in – trend garments of the moment: boyfriend jeans ; that is, that type of wide and worn jeans that fits on the body in a similar way to how it would if you put on a pair of jeans from your boyfriend (or a man”s). This type of garment gives you a very fashionable and informal air that can be combined with more elegant accessories to counteract your style and get an outfit that suits all kinds of occasions.

4. Some heels are also perfect to wear your maxi coat. Think that, as a general rule, this type of garment seems to be sophisticated so if you combine it with shoes with an exaggerated heel you can give your look a more modern, informal and sexy touch. As you can see in the image, the trick is to combine a piece that is more elegant with other more informal accessories in order to achieve a perfect image and, above all, very fashionable.

5. But there are also times when the maxi coat can become your look. That is, there are some designs that are designed so that they themselves act as a maxi dress, giving it the length and the necessary flight to fit your body and fit like a glove.

In these cases, you will only have to try to combine the tone of your shoes and bag with the color of the coat so that you have a perfect look to go around the city. Below you can go as you want since you do not have to combine it (being completely covered with the same coat).


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