6 fun games that children with attention difficulty will adore

Signs that indicate your child has attention problems

It is the war that many parents have with the children (not counting the food, the use of mobile or sleep): get them to listen to us and pay attention to us. It is very common for children to disperse and not be attentive to the tasks they must perform. If your child is one of those “always in the clouds” and who has a hard time concentrating, take note of six fun games you can do at home with children with attention difficulties!

Children with attention deficit disorder or with attention difficulties?

It is common to hear in the school stage the words “attention difficulties” and even “attention deficit disorders”, but it is important to know how to differentiate and not confuse these two concepts.

The disorder is permanent and requires specialized attention (psychologists, speech therapists, psych pedagogues …). Instead, the word “difficulty” refers to improvable skills, non-permanent, and that can be changed with good training.

But, before labeling something or someone with the word “disorder”, it will be important to go to a specialized therapist, who will be the person in charge of performing the relevant tests and who can guide us in the best specialized training options.

Signs that indicate my child has attention difficulties

Already known the differences between disorder and difficulty of attention, we will discuss this second concept. For this last case, we tell you more about possible easy and fun workouts to do at home. But first, we propose a small list to detect indicators of attention difficulty and / or suspect an important difficulty that requires a specialized assessment. These could be five typical indicators of attention difficulty:

  1. You find it easy to get distracted by any stimulus (noise, object, etc.)
  2. Forget homework, jobs and even exams easily.
  3. Quite disorganized, it loses tasks and its presentation is improvable.
  4. He is generally clueless and daydreaming.
  5. He finds it difficult to concentrate and be able to finish the tasks.

It is important to remember that the professionals responsible for assessing whether the difficulty may come from a disorder will be specialized clinical therapists. But, before going to these indicators they can help you to solve basic doubts and, above all, to alert you that the child may have a problem.

You can also request a tutoring with the child”s teacher and exchange impressions. It will be a way to find out if this difficulty of attention occurs only at home or, also, at school.

Ideas for working at home with children with problems or attention difficulties

Next, we will provide you with the list of the most fun games to train from home and easier to find in libraries, downloadable Internet cards on platforms and even with applications (many of them free).

In any case, it will be important to choose an appropriate level for your child, it is important to start at a more affordable level and, little by little, motivate him to increase his level of difficulty and speed in the activity.

  1. Maze games
    the main thing about this activity is that the child does not release the pencil at any time and is able to keep his eyes from the beginning of the maze to the end.
  2. Games to find the differences
    this proposal is, in addition to fun and entertaining, a way for the child to pay attention to the drawing shown. The most important thing is to focus on the small details, which is where the key to this exercise is usually.
  3. Category
    games all games that require classifying and sorting by categories (size, color, shape, animal, object, etc.) will be useful. An idea that we launch from here: work the human body and have the child make groups by names of muscles, bones or vital organs.
  4. Word Search Games
    Word Search GamesSearching for a word among large numbers of letters will also require not to lose sight visually. You can even do them yourself at home with some of the concepts they are learning at school. For example, if they are learning the names of the cities in your country. This will help you review!
  5. Memory or memory games
    Remembering the placement and image of two chips between a large amounts will also be a fun and useful training. And it will be great for the elderly to keep the mind active!
  6. Repeat games
    what is your child”s favorite song? And his sister”s? Yours? Dads? Humming, singing, repeating and remembering song lyrics can be a great auditory memory workout. Another option is also very fun is to repeat the numbers without making mistakes and even try to recite them as a countdown.

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