6 beauty habits that age you, avoid them!

Surely, like all of them, you want your skin to stay young as long as possible and always look fresh and bright. But, are you aware that on many occasions it is the small care habits that we carry out on a day-to-day basis or that, on the contrary, those that we do not carry out, and those that may be to blame for our skin aging in a way early? That”s right, it is important to identify what care and attention the skin needs daily if we do not want wrinkles, blemishes or sagging to be an early reality in our appearance. Keep reading this to article to know 6 beauty habits that age you and, therefore, you should avoid at all costs.

Do not remove makeup properly

This is one of the main beauty habits that age the skin the most , and it is that there are many that, whether due to laziness or ignorance, do not have the habit of removing makeup from the face before going to sleep. Something that, undoubtedly, is fatal for the health of the skin, since it has a layer of products and dirt accumulated during the day, suffers from severe clogging of the pores and cannot be adequately oxygenated.

Think that the skin is renewed while you sleep, so if it is not completely clean, you will not be able to do it and the result will be premature aging, more wrinkles and impurities and less luminosity.

Make makeup removal a daily habit if you want to stay young and beautiful.

Take a lot of sun or UVA rays

Spending hours lying in the sun can help you get that beautiful tan you were wanting to wear, but be careful! The rays of the great star become the worst enemies of your skin, because when they affect it excessively, in addition to causing painful burns, they age it prematurely and signs such as sagging, wrinkles or dark spots are visible before time.

Also, do not forget that the skin has memory and that long exposures to the sun without adequate protection can seriously compromise your health and be the cause of diseases as severe as skin cancer.

Abusing hot water

Are you one of those who put very hot water to shower? If your answer is yes, the time has come for you to start changing this habit if you want to promote the beauty of your skin.

It is not that you take showers or take baths with ice water, but that you opt for a temperate temperature, since very hot water, in addition to causing greater dryness, contributes to sagging skin. If, on the contrary, your showers are with lukewarm water or a bit cold, you will be able to firm the tissues and keep the skin healthy, especially if it is extremely sensitive.

Do not use moisturizer

Not including moisturizer in the list of your usual beauty products or using the wrong creams are other big mistakes that can quickly take its toll on your skin and add years to your appearance.

Moisturizing cream is an essential lotion to preserve the youth of the skin and make it always look radiant. He thinks that it balances the loss of water that the dermis suffers over time and that, inevitably, makes it more opaque, rough and less elastic.

Likewise, not only is it enough to apply it daily but you have to find the ideal cream for you, the one that specifically responds to the demands of your skin. What is your skin type? What is your age? Do you want a day or night cream? These are some of the questions that you must answer to find the right lotion.

Do not take care of areas such as the neck and neckline

There are areas of the body to which we do not pay the same attention to the face, for example, but which nevertheless tend to age faster and, therefore, need extra nutrition and care. We are talking about parts such as the neck and décolleté, areas in which the skin is much thinner and more delicate and that, due to a lower presence of the sebaceous glands, are more vulnerable to the effects of the passage of time and can wrinkle with more easily. Although wrinkles are not the only problem, they are also prone to sagging.

What to do to prevent the neck and neckline from aging? Very simple, apply a moisturizer with firming properties on them every day, exfoliate them once a week, follow a balanced and healthy diet, protect the skin from the sun area.

Abusing makeup products

Finally, the misuse of makeup is another of the beauty habits that can age you and a lot! Although makeup can be your great ally to highlight your attractiveness, it can also become your worst enemy if you resort to excesses or do not apply it well. Take note of some of the things you should avoid to avoid showing an aged and unflattering appearance:

  • Avoid applying a makeup base that is darker than your skin tone.
  • Don”t abuse translucent powders. Many layers of this product greatly accentuates wrinkles.
  • Do not apply much concealer to the area around the eyes, as it will excessively enhance wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Avoid applying the blush very close to the nose. On the contrary, you should apply it on the highest part of the cheekbone and towards the temple to bring youth and freshness to the face.

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