5 weird things that turn men on

Each person is different, we all have preferences and, as the saying goes, for color tastes. When we talk about sexuality, the differences are even greater. However, this does not mean that there are certain things that are quite universal or at least agree with most men. It is true that there are those who prefer blondes, other brunettes and other redheads, but did you know that there are certain strange things that turn men on?

Most of these things that we will tell you in the article are not the typical ones that you would believe, but most of them are details that you would never have thought about and, nevertheless, they are enough to light the flame of passion and drive a man crazy. . Keep reading this article and discover them!

Be scared

Although it may seem like a contradiction, studies conducted by Columbia University showed that fear and fear increase arousal levels in men. The fact is that when we are faced with a situation that we recognize as potentially dangerous, without reaching an extreme where we cannot control it, our brain secretes adrenaline, which in turn will increase the levels of testosterone and arousal.

Some cases and situations that can increase the excitement of a man is to practice some extreme sport, ride a roller coaster or play a game of chance in which emotion prevails, surely when you get home you will notice the effects of fear his behavior and how this is much fierier.

Have physical similarities

Although it is said that opposites attract, the reality is that we are all looking for partners with whom we can share our tastes, with whom we have things in common that make us happy. Everyone likes to be able to share with their partner what they like and is part of their life. Something that men like a lot is to see how their partner leaves, little by little, getting closer to their tastes, begins to listen to that group that they did not want to hear about or is surprised by celebrating a goal for your favorite team. So far everything normal, but did you know that men like to find physical similarities between themselves and their partner?

Although it is not something exclusive to men, it does occur with more force. When they observe similarities in facial features, men become more aroused. The reasons seem to have to do with the desire to transmit DNA to our children. Men look for someone who reflects their characteristics so that their children will also look like them.

That they wear red

This is a trait that can already be observed in primates and that we humans seem to have inherited. Under the same circumstances, men prefer women who wear red, find them more attractive and feel much more aroused.

If we keep talking about clothes, but this time with a less rare result, studies also suggest that most men are turned on when their partner wears sensual and seductive underwear. In part, this is because they interpret it as a sign that the person is trying hard to satisfy them.

The smell of lavender or vanilla

We are well aware of everything that a forgotten smell of our childhood or the perfume of someone we have not seen for a long time can awaken within us. The reality is that our olfactory system is directly connected to an area of ​​the brain that is responsible for stimulating feelings such as fear, hatred, happiness and, of course, excitement.

That is why, just as a smell can evoke an old situation of anguish and alter our mood, smells can also excite us and alter our sexuality. But not only the smell of something exciting excites us, there are some smells that you would never have imagined that make a man lose his mind. Scents like lavender or vanilla make increase blood flow to the penis, so not considered natural aphrodisiacs. So now you know, lighting some lavender-scented candles or changing hair shampoo can be a good idea to get your guy excited.

Wide hips

If we stop to think between the features that a man observes of a woman and on which his level of arousal rests, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the breasts or the butt. The truth is that the hips or, rather, the ratio between the hip and the waist, is one of the physical aspects that most excite men.

The reason that this is the case is also of genetic origin and has its basis in the optimization of reproduction: the width of the hips indicates that this woman has space for a baby to grow, but also women with large thighs or buttocks they conserve greater quantity of omega 3 in that zone. The fact is that this acid is one of the baby”s foods while it is gestating and influences the child”s intelligence. Men are excited by these women because they unconsciously believe that they will reserve better offspring for them.


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