5 tips for a completely healthy skin with natural means

There are many ways to take care of your skin with food or natural products. Find out which ones are the most effective and be surprised by the results.

Advertising often leads us to believe that we need expensive products with unpronounceable ingredients to keep our skin in optimal condition. Most of these products, especially if they come from conventional cosmetics, not only do not achieve what they promise, but they are full of chemicals derived from petroleum that are not the best for the skin and the body.

It is not necessary to give up cosmetics but you should try to use only certified natural or organic cosmetics, made with quality ingredients. You also have the option of using natural products and foods that you usually have at home to take care of your skin. Even certain attitudes can benefit you. Here are five tips for you to look lovingly cared for skin.



An occasional peel stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin. One option to get a quick peel without complications or rare ingredients is to use coffee grounds. Its use will eliminate dead cells and leave your skin glowing.

To do this peel, simply mix three tablespoons of coffee grounds with a little extra virgin olive oil (use enough oil so that they integrate well with the coffee, it is a kind of lotion). Gently massage the desired area. Then rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat the skin dry with tissue paper.


The face is exposed to wind and weather and has to endure a lot: dryness, humidity, sun, cold … A simple mask can help you relax and calm your skin after a busy day.

To make a quick mask, simply mix two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of low-fat quark cheese. Apply the mixture to the face, avoiding the contour of the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.


Many foods can promote healthy skin. Vitamin C from citrus fruits, kiwi, cabbage and bell pepper help tired skin with its antioxidant power and beneficial effect on collagen. Green vegetables with a lot of magnesium also improve the appearance of the complexion. In addition, whole grain products, almonds and dark chocolate consumed in moderation also have a positive effect thanks to the antioxidant vitamin E and polyphenols.

Green tea, dark fruits, and vegetables like beets also improve skin thanks to their antioxidant compounds. Mustard oils, present in radishes, tighten connective tissue, which is the foundation of healthy skin.

By the way, vitamin C is beneficial for the skin when you eat the foods that contain it. On the other hand, it has practically no effect when it is part of the composition of a cosmetic product, because it is not absorbed through the skin. Manufacturers use it for its good image and because it acts as a preservative.


When the skin is subjected to long hours of heating it shows clear symptoms of dehydration, it feels tight and dry to the touch. In addition to ventilating frequently (important now also because of the coronavirus), a humidifier can help you.

To increase humidity, surround yourself with a good number of indoor plants, which also clean the air of toxins and provide you with the benefits of contact with nature.

Also, don”t forget to drink enough water or unsweetened infusions in winter. It can be around two liters a day, but the ideal amount also depends on your own needs.


Either from dry air or from insufficient fluid intake, lips become dry and develop cracks that are painful and heal poorly. But there are simple home remedies that are great for treating dry lips.

  • Before pampering your lips with oils or honey, you can gently massage them in circular motions with a soft bristle brush. This removes dead skin and stimulates blood flow to the lips.
  • A little olive oil, wheat germ oil or sesame oil also provides the sensitive skin of the lips with long-lasting hydration.
  • Another natural home remedy for chapped lips is aloe vera. Mix one teaspoon of the plant”s natural gel with one teaspoon of jojoba oil or shea butter for effective, natural lip care.
  • Freshly squeezed carrot juice is another home remedy for nourishing dry skin and preventing chapped lips. You can mix the juice with coconut oil and apply it to your lips.

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