5 things only happy couples understand

You will have heard it a thousand times, a happy relationship is built day by day and is nurtured by respect and mutual understanding. Happy couples also meet these five characteristics.

  1. Beyond love, there is friendship and respect
    Happy couples ‘show consideration, trust, and interest in the good of the other, and they know each other well, but they keep asking themselves, because as the likes and desires change over time, they want to make sure what the other thinks, what they feel and what they want. “
  2. They don”t forget their self-love and they give themselves space
    You cannot love without loving yourself. “Love does not imply possession or dependence, and when you love yourself, you can love the other, but if you do not, you will ask for more attention from the other, you will feel more insecure, and you will be more dependent”, “loving yourself makes it possible to share love, instead of always trying to get it through the other.”
  3. Arguing is normal
    And so must finding solutions and wanting to resolve conflicts without attacking yourself. “Happy couples look for suitable solutions for both of them and choose their words well,” says De Miguel.
  4. They are able to see the virtues of the other
    We all have defects and those of our partner with whom we live for so many hours can be very annoying. Still, happy couples focus on each other”s virtues. As De Miguel recommends: “It is not about denying the facts, it is about relativizing and giving more importance to the good than the bad”
  5. They embrace
    Every day beyond the sex that is essential, happy couples always find time to give themselves a hug, a gesture that gives us security, confidence and increases our oxytocin, the hormone of love, which deepens the connection with the couple.

    “What there are good and bad relationships: relationships that enrich us and relationships that impoverish us. There is happiness and misery. There is good love and bad love. And is that love is not enough to ensure well-being: good love is needed”

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