5 practices that can help you keep your balance

As with motivation, the question is not how not to lose balance, since it will be lost a thousand times, what is really useful is knowing how to get there.

Maintaining balance is always one of the most recurring concerns when knowing peace and calm. How not to lose them? How to stay in that state of rest? How to take care of the disconnection that the vacations or the weekend offer us?

It is certainly not easy, often our agenda tightens, tightens itself and tightens us. When we get out of the routine we see that there is another way of living. A trip, a week without plans, a weekend at home without leaving, it seems that there is another me within us, another person, someone who loves tranquility, who is not accelerated, worried or stressed.

When we verify that this state exists, that we can achieve it, we ask ourselves how we can take care of it, how to prevent it from slipping through our fingers. We know how easy it is to lose it, we know that Monday will come and we will get on that hamster wheel, life will start to run and we will arrive exhausted the next weekend, the next vacation, the next disconnection.

For me it is essential that each person learn what their balance point is and take the trouble to know how to get there each time they lose it. I always say that with motivation the issue is not to lose it, but to know how to recover it and with this something very similar happens: the question is not how not to lose your balance, this will be lost a thousand times, the really useful thing is to know how to get there to him.

That point of balance, connection and happiness is what I call spiritual mood, the name of my website, imagine how important it is to me! And, when I saw that Marie Kondo had talked about it, I couldn”t help but read it carefully and want to share her tips, giving my point of view in case it could be useful.

Days after starting to follow her, she shared a post on her blog about how to keep balance on winter days when it gets dark early and you have a full schedule, so I have taken the liberty of rethinking her tips, not only for winter and not just for when you have a full schedule, but for all times and, especially, when you want to take care of the balance that it takes so much work to achieve.

Here they go, there are five.

1. Cooking at home

Marie not only talks about cooking at home, but also simple cooking , a recommendation that makes a lot of sense, especially from my perspective – the perspective of someone who does not like to cook.

Simple cooking implies doing it with few ingredients, preparations that are not very elaborate and that allow us to focus on what is truly important, for her, the conversation with her family.

2. Aromatherapy

For1 me aromatherapy is one more custom at home, we have it so internalized that we don”t even call it aromatherapy. Years ago my husband gave me a humidifier in which we put essential oils according to our mood or appetite.

The author of “The magic of order” in this case also talks about candles and the atmosphere that is created with their flame.

In this sense, I would like to add that a dim light, some burning candles and the relaxing smell that you like, could create the most suitable environment for the recommendations that follow.

3. To meditate

Meditating is, without a doubt, one of the most recommended customs when it comes to finding and maintaining balance. Not only in yoga settings or mindfulness schools; it is increasingly widespread in the company and among people who apparently have no relationship with it.

On her list of tips, Marie talks about meditating in the morning to ensure a good day and lasting about 20 minutes.

From my point of view, any time is a good time to do it, as long as we do it. It is better to meditate 5 minutes at any time of the day, than to pretend to sit in the lotus for 20 minutes in the morning and that laziness or haste prevent us day after day.

4. Tea time

Are you tea or coffee? Do you take both? Do they produce the same sensations?

Maintaining balance in our day to day could be as easy as securing a space in the middle of the day to have an infusion or a coffee.

Take it slowly, without haste, taking care that the mind stops together with the body, writing down the ideas that appear and visualizing the rest that you are offering.

5. Journaling

If you follow me on Instagram or read me for a long time, surely you have realized what I like writing. Writing is therapeutic.

Marie says that, in her case, it helps her sort thoughts, identify feelings and concerns, and clarify what problems she can and cannot control.

It is a very powerful self – knowledge tool, incredibly useful for working stress , adopting new habits, finding and working beliefs or resistance, etc.

In fact, practicing mindfulness and writing are usually my first two, or only, recommendations when someone asks me how to achieve something related to personal development.

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