5 gynecological symptoms that no woman should ignore

We all care about taking care of ourselves from the outside, but sometimes we forget that we also have to take care of ourselves, that we have to pay attention to our health and specifically to gynecological problems, we must remember that they can affect our reproductive system. Sometimes it is more than a carelessness of a topic of modesty, so we do not do the necessary examinations and gynecological examinations. Be that as it may, here are 5 gynecological symptoms that no woman should ignore.

Beware of infections!

It is the most common, something that practically we all spend at some point in our lives. In particular, the most popular infection is candidiasis, it is small fungi that lodge in the vagina. Its symptoms, among others, can be itching, irritation and burning. It is important to see the doctor if you notice something similar, to know what type of infection is and to apply the most appropriate treatment.

Abdominal pain?

It is likely that if we feel this in the last thing we think is a gynecological problem, but the reality is that it can become a serious one. Ovarian cysts can be the cause of this discomfort, they are usually benign but you have to control them because if they become malignant they will have to be removed surgically.

Menstrual disorders

Pain, bleeding and irregularities in the cycle should be monitored. Although we tend not to give importance, are symptoms that sometimes warn us that it is time to go to visit the gynecologist. These disorders can be caused by various reasons such as genital cancer, hormonal alterations, uterine fibroids, cervical lesions … Do not miss it if it happens, and it can end up being serious.

Lumps, irritations and breast pain

Performing regular mammograms is essential, especially after forty years, but if you do not usually keep these types of revisions and notes any of these symptoms should immediately request an appointment with your gynecologist to avoid the risk of late detection of breast cancer .

Pains in the lower abdomen and sudden fevers

Acute anxieties may begin with these symptoms, although vomiting and diarrhea may also occur. It is an inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes and is considered a serious gynecological disease. It limits the personal life in a considerable way, it usually lasts a long time and in addition it can end up leaving the woman sterile. Although it is not very common and the symptoms are quite general, it would not hurt to visit your doctor if you start to experience them, because if not treated in time it can become a chronic adnexitis.

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