5 fat-free foods to lose weight – take note

Before a weekly diet to lose fat…

Before we talk about these five foods that should be in your diet on a regular basis, not only because they help you lose weight, but also because they are healthy and give us essential nutrients that our body cannot produce on its own and needs them. For its proper functioning, it is essential to explain some habits that you must also incorporate into your routine to lose weight and gain health.

  • Perform daily exercise: first of all, remember that you must do physical exercise in your day to day. A sedentary life not only causes you to gain weight, it also makes your muscles atrophied and you can suffer from bone problems. Moving is essential to keep your body healthy.
  • Drink plenty of water: Another very important indication is to drink water. At least two liters a day is the appropriate amount, a little more if you exercise, since fluid replacement is essential to keep the cells of your body well hydrated.
  • Five meals a day: lastly, you must remember that the best thing for you is to eat five meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. This will ensure that you do not arrived hungry at any intake that you do not suffer from anxiety, that you distribute meals properly and that your metabolism is working all the time.

Tuna, ideal to lose weight belly

Tuna is an oily fish that contains a low amount of fat, unlike the vast majority of this type of fish, and it also has high protein content. Its calorie intake is also low, making it a perfect food to obtain a large amount of nutrients and to incorporate into a diet to lose weight and rapid volume.

To take it you can choose from several options. It is perfect as a second course, marinated, grilled or baked, accompanied by salad or cooked potatoes. But you can also include it in your salads, always choosing canned tuna that comes natural.

Cereals, to include in a diet to lose weight

For a long time, cereals have not been considered in weight loss diets, since they are believed to be fattening, due to their high content of carbohydrates. This nutrient is essential for our body, and it is recommended that during the day the carbohydrate contribution is 55% of all the nutrients that we ingest. That is why it is a mistake to reduce or eliminate the foods that contain them.

If you want to lose weight, we recommend that you opt for those that are whole, since they have a greater amount of fiber and are not as processed as the refined ones. For example, brown rice, quinoa, or oatmeal. In addition, its satiating power will make you do not have anxiety about eating.

Green leafy vegetables for weight loss

Lambs lettuce, arugula, lettuce … all these foods are green leafy vegetables, which have properties that make them perfect to include in a diet to lose weight. Their caloric intake is minimal and they also provide us with a large amount of fiber. They are one of the best garnishes for your second courses.

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Chicken and turkey for weight loss

Both chicken and turkey are two types of meat that contain practically no fat, that is, they are lean. This means that they provide us with a large amount of protein, while the percentage of calories is lower than in other types of meats. They can be eaten in many ways, such as in a light sandwich for dinner, as a second course cooked in the oven with spices, or in a vegetable stew.

Cottage cheese, to include in fat-free recipes for weight loss

This dairy is one of the most consumed by athletes. Why? Because its amount of fat is very small, as is its caloric content, while it has a large amount of protein. Take it after eating, as a snack with fruit or use it to make your favorite desserts.

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