5 advantages of being a short woman

There are people of all kinds and perhaps you do not characterize yourself for being a too tall woman, what”s more, you may classify yourself as being a short woman. Do you think it is a negative thing? Not at all! Being a short woman does not have to be complex, in fact, you can enjoy being a short woman because it has many more advantages than you imagine. Here we want to explain 5 advantages of being a short woman, you will never want to wear heels anymore!

You will always look younger

If you are short you will always look younger than you really are. How about always looking 18 years old? That in the long run, will be an advantage for you and an envy for all the women around you who take a few inches off your height.

What is clear, if you want to look younger, in addition to the advantage of being a little shorter than the rest, you must take care of your diet and your physical condition. Having good health in every way will also help you look even younger.

You will travel comfortably in any transport

People who are tall or overweight may encounter some difficulties traveling on public transportation. On the other hand, if you are short and also take care of your body, in general, you will have comfort in any transport you choose, whether public or private.

If you travel by car you can have a comfortable and wide seat for you, and if you travel by plane you will not feel the crampedness of the seats nor will the others occupy your personal space. The same will happen to you by bus or train, they are all advantages!

You buy cheaper clothes

It”s not that it”s something you want to flaunt everywhere, but when you go shopping you can stop by the children”s section because there are girl”s clothes that can help you and you can buy. The good thing is that designers make very beautiful models that with good combinations can perfectly fit as adult clothing.

But the best of all this, it is not that you have more options to choose the clothes you want to wear, but that girl”s clothes are usually much cheaper than adult clothes and, therefore, you can save yourself a lot of money, It”s perfect for your economy!

Is more romantic

Yes, not only does it happen in romantic movies … If you are short you will be able to savor the moment when your partner bends down lovingly to give you a kiss, or you will also be able to enjoy sexual pleasures that people of greater stature would have more difficulties to enjoy.

Being short you can be more ”manageable”, surely you weigh less and that is why your partner will have more facilities to take you in your arms without later having injuries of any kind. You can also wear their shirts as a nightgown. Who was going to tell you that being short would help you enjoy an extra romanticism in your relationships? Let”s enjoy it!

All beds are XXL for you

Who does not like to sleep in a big or giant bed? It does not matter what type of bed you choose because it will surely always be a giant mattress for you … You will have an extra space to stretch out as much as you want and enjoy the privacy and rest that a great bed provides.

The best thing is also that if you share a bed with your partner, the size of it will not be a problem either, because although it is not very large, both of you will have enough space to sleep better and comfortably next to each other. You can enjoy great comfort with a smaller bed size! Plus, smaller beds cost less money, so you”ll be saving money on this part, too.

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