4 tips to make your polish last longer

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Women love to look good, no matter what the cost. We give ourselves a space and spend hours doing beauty rituals, one of my favorites is to fix my nails.

I love when I finish doing my manicure, my hands look super-soft and the enamel is very shiny, but has not it happened to you that after hours that you were taking care of every detail in a few days, notes that it breaks or falls off easily?

Taking care of our hands can become a difficult task between the activities of the home, the office and our daily life, since we can hurt them without our noticing. The badly arranged nails project a careless image, which makes us decide to remove the enamel within a few days. If you go to a beauty salon to do your manicure it can become very expensive and if you do it from home it can become a marathon, since it takes us a long time to do it.

Although it seems a miracle there are some tricks that help us to keep our hands perfect for more days, then I share how you can make your nails stand the test of time. 

1. Apple cider vinegar

Before painting the nails, dip your fingers for 5 minutes in a container with apple cider vinegar and let them dry naturally. In this way the enamel will remain attached to the nails and last much longer.

2. Warm water and soap

To remove all residues and natural oils from the nail, soak your hands in warm water with neutral soap. After a few minutes clean them with a cloth making circular movements. The enamel will be applied on the surface of the clean nail.

3. Lemon

Apply the juice of a lemon on a cotton ball and clean the surface of all your nails. Allow a few minutes to dry and then return to clean cotton. Your nails will be shiny and the yellow marks will be removed. Never apply lemon on your hands as it can stain your skin.

4. Moisturizing cream

Many times the cleaning products that we use in our home cause the surface of our nail to become porous. Therefore it is necessary to polish it with a soft file and then apply a moisturizer that is not greasy. Let your hands rest and apply a base before putting the enamel.

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