360 Battery Plus, an application to control the battery of your smartphone

One of the components that must be well monitored in an Android terminal is the battery. This element is essential to enjoy the best possible autonomy. And, luckily, there are applications that help you keep everything under control, such as 360 Battery Plus that we are talking about.

We are facing a development that has a very clear function, but that is not why it is exempt from options and, this is what makes it advisable. Well … this and that the use it has is as simple as you simply have to press on the screen of the smartphone or tablet to execute actions without having to make complex settings. It also helps, of course, that 360 Battery plus is fully translated so there is no doubt about what each possibility offers in development.

Three are the great sections offered by 360 Battery plus, the first and the last being the ones that we believe are more interesting for the user. The first option is Start, it is where you see the main interface where there is a large central circle that when pressed, an optimization action is performed on the system to increase the terminal”s usage time. Basic applications are not eliminated or stopped, and the truth is that their efficiency is adequate. In our tests, on average we have achieved an 8% increase in autonomy -if everything works optimally-, which is not bad considering that we talk about software.

The second section is Save and, the truth is that your name is not very identifiable of what can be achieved by using it. Here, you set the different saving modes that are included in 360 Battery Plus (being possible to create some new ones). They are useful, but we have not detected that they are shared much better than those of Android by default, but personalization is what gives it some appeal. Besides, here it is also possible to see the estimated times of use with the phone in different situations.

More possibilities of 360 Battery Plus

There is the third section, called Load and that we found the most interesting. This is done by using a battery maintenance -which even tracks the charges that are made and verifies that everything is going as it should-. The truth is that it works surprisingly well since in a device with good health of this component everything goes as it should – and, in which we have used that have problems with the battery, they have been detected. It does not hurt, therefore, to have activated this tool for what you have to grant permissions. By the way, if you ask it, maintenance is done in the period in which the smartphone is charged, so that you can have more information.

Also included in 360 Battery Plus is a list of applications that are potentially harmful for reasons of safety and energy consumption, so it is possible to use this protection tool against its use (therefore, stop being a danger) . Of course, be careful, it is possible that if you are not attentive include some that is important, such as Google Photos – and yes, we speak from our own experience. To access this option, click on the icon in the upper right that has a drawing of a lock.

Simple to use and, more importantly, quite useful with 360 Battery Plus, a development is achieved that allows optimized battery management and even increases the autonomy offered by the terminal at certain times. And, all this, with great simplicity. It is advisable.

Get the 360 ​​Battery Plus application

If you want to download the development it is possible to do it from the Galaxy Apps, so there is no complication in the process. A good detail: 360 Battery plus is free, so take advantage of all its possibilities or have no cost and, in our opinion, increases its attractiveness. We believe that, students, it is worth trying.

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