3 tips to enhance your feminine beauty

One of the things that have managed to raise my spirits and feel better about myself is to spend time for myself, allowing myself, because I deserve it. And although I spend my life doing what I love, I do a lot for others and time flies by so I regularly decide to dedicate myself to a full day. Do it yourself, take a day to think about yourself, love yourself and enhance your beauty, you will see that you will feel better and you will look prettier, you also deserve it. Read this article, follow these 3 tips and raise your energy.

Steps to follow:

1.Prepare a facial and fix your nails. Doing a facial is something I recommend, I love it because your skin improves visibly, feels smoother and fresher and gives you a touch of youth that is needed. In addition to fixing our nails once a week, if we do not have time to go fix them, we can do it ourselves at home buying figurines, enamels and everything necessary; You don”t spend a lot of time, and when you”re done you feel great, give it a try.

2.Give yourself a delicious homemade exfoliating bath Another thing you will love to do is take a shower and exfoliate your entire body, it”s easy, all you need is half a cup of moisturizer (you can use the one you use to hydrate your body) and half Sugar cup. Mix the ingredients with a spoon and once you have bathed, smear your whole body with this mixture and massage it so that you feel the exfoliation; at the end rinse with warm water and you will notice how your skin is very soft and smooth.

3.Dress up like you”re partying No matter you don”t have a special occasion, that doesn”t have to be the excuse to stay scruffy at home, you are a beautiful woman, so highlight your splendor now. Look in your closet for your best clothes starting with underwear, that you feel sexy; then dress up as best you can, wear something that makes you feel great, put makeup on and when asked, why so cute? You can simply answer, because that”s how I am.

4.Remember that you do not need a special moment to enhance the best of yourself and feel better about yourself, follow my 3 tips every time you feel low and you will see how things change quickly and easily.

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