3 exercises to lose belly

They are easy to do and you can carry them out at home because they do not require the support of a machine. Also, to complement your training, do not neglect a good diet that prevents excess saturated fat.

No matter if its summer, autumn or winter, a bellyless belly always likes us and how to get it with exercise? To begin with, we must bear in mind that we must reduce the level of global body fat, no matter how much we exercise the abs if, above, follow that fat capita they will not look as much. This means that to lose belly you must accompany these exercises on a balanced diet avoiding, to the maximum, saturated fats.

Exercises to lose belly at home:

The abs, classic and infallible. It”s simple and you know how to do them, because you”ve already seen them (and done) more than once. Lying on your back, bend your knees and place your hands at the temples. Relax the head and raise the trunk a little, without passing approximately 40 degrees. To do them well, do not accelerate: count three seconds of ascent and another three of descent. Try to do three sets of 30 reps. Remember not to pull the neck up, but to pull the abdomen, that way you not only exercise the desired area but also avoid injuries.

The iron, which also helps you strengthen a slender waist. With the plates or planks you have to face down (same posture as if you were going to do a flexion), raising the body with the help of the elbows and forearms, resting on the floor and forming a 90 degree angle with the arms, and to the fingers of the feet. It stays like that for about 20 seconds and then rests for a minute. Try to make five series. Try to keep the culete in line with the rest of the body, not raising it above shoulder height or lowering below its straight line.

Jumping Jack, old aerobics friend and acquaintance in the Zumba. Stand up and, while stretching a leg, raise your arms, forming an oval over your head. Do the same below with the other leg. Heat like this for a few seconds and then start to make small jumps, separating both legs and raising the arms at the same time. This is a quick way to burn fat but above all, as with the previous exercises, try not to exhaust yourself.

Apart from these exercises, you can also introduce customs in your day to day that will help you reduce your belly, such as brisk walking and cycling. As we have already said, food can also help us in this regard: avoid saturated fats and complements these exercises with a diet that helps strengthen the muscles to eliminate sagging. It will be very useful to eat sardines, which provide 18% protein. Tomato, meanwhile, provides vitamin C and antioxidant, very important to keep muscles in tune. Rabbit meat, on the other hand, provides proteins of high biological value, minerals and vitamins, especially from group B, such as B12, which is essential for red blood cells.

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