3-Day Routine for Muscle Volume

A 3-day routine to gain muscle volume that will help you achieve your goals in less time.

With this 3-day routine for weight training you will achieve your muscle gain purposes, in those who have little time.

Many are the people who want to have an enviable physique and that is why they join a gym. However, you cannot spend several hours a day at the gym since you have to combine it with other activities.

For all of you I bring you a hypertrophy routine that you can do by training only 3 days a week.

I warn you from the first moment that the sessions are going to be hard since you are going to have to hypertrophy two muscle groups per session, but I bring you the best selection of exercises and the best tips for you to achieve this.

How to do this 3-day routine?

As I said, the routine will be three days a week. Ideally, you should leave a day off between sessions, training Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

But if your schedule prevents you, don”t worry, the routine is designed so that the workouts do not overlap, so the exercises of one session will be chosen so that they do not involve the muscles trained in the last session.

The abs will be trained twice a week coinciding with the first and third sessions, so they can rest for at least two days between sessions.

If you want to achieve your goal of creating muscle damage in each session to enhance muscle gain, don”t forget the basics of hypertrophy training. The series have to be between 8 and 12 repetitions. Each training must consist of between 20 and 24 series.

The eccentric phase of the exercise (when the movement is in favor of gravity) has to be slower than the concentric phase (when we lift the weight). Perform the weight lifting as fast as your strength allows and take 2-3 seconds to lower the weight.


The breaks between sets must be between 1 and 2 two minutes. Do not worry about resting the muscle groups as the routine is already designed so that they rest enough between one session and the next in which you will train them.

Do not forget that if you want to make your muscles grow you must sleep at least 8 hours each night and stay in a calorie surplus.

3-day routine


Exercise Series Reps
Press bench 4 8
Inclined press 4 10
Dumbbell openings 4 12
Parallel bottoms 4 8
French press 4 10
Triceps high pulley extension 4 10


Exercise Series Reps
Military press 4 8
Side elevations 4 10
Birds 4 10
Bar shoulders shrug 4 12
Barbell squats behind the neck 4 8
Dumbbell strides 4 10
Machine cufflinks 4 12


Exercise Series Reps
Dominated open grip 4 8
Rowing dumbbell one hand 4 10
Pulls to chest 4 10
Straight bar curl 4 8
Dumbbell Curl Grip Hammer 4 10 each
Scott curl bench 4 10


Exercise Series Reps
Irons 4 30 ″
Pulley crunches 4 10
Side crunch 4 10 per side


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