22 dresses that stylize the figure

Whether you are tall or short, have a lot of chest or little, finding a dress that stylizes your figure is essential for you to feel comfortable and attractive on any occasion. We often bet on dresses that attract our attention without taking into account how it will look on our body; Therefore, here we want to offer you solutions and ideas that you will love.

These 22 figure-stylizing dresses will make you fall in love and inspire you to find your new favorite look. Take note!

Dresses for tall girls

There are some especially flattering pieces of clothing when it comes to the best looks for tall girls. One of them is midi dresses, a trend that, whatever the season, does not go out of style. This style of typical dress from the 50s made a strong comeback last year, as it is a start that looks good on any type of tall girl, whether she has a lot of chest or a little.

In addition to being a dress that adapts perfectly to different looks, it is a very comfortable garment that you can wear with both heels and flat shoes.

The other star garment of the looks for tall girls are the palazzo pants. As you will see in the images below, this garment stylizes the legs and can be combined both for a casual outing and for a more formal event.

Dresses for short girls

If you are tired of clothes that do not fit your figure well, do not despair. Here are some ideas based on the latest trends in the world of fashion that you will love.

When we talk about the best dresses for short girls, we must bear in mind that said garment enhances the height of each woman. The short and tight dresses at the waist are a great success, as they enhance the figure of each girl.

Leaving your legs free is not an obligation, but it is a great bet for those who are shorter. Showing your knees and ankles will give the optical effect necessary to make you appear a few inches taller, as your legs will appear longer.

Here are some different dresses for short girls that will inspire you to find your new favorite look. Keep in mind that each of these dresses has a different neckline, so consider the measurements of your chest and your back to find the most accurate one. In this case, you may be interested in knowing what type of neckline favors you if you have a large bust.

Dresses for girls with little chest

It does not matter if you are slim or curvy, below we offer you some dresses for girls with little chest with which you will feel comfortable and captivating. In the images below you will find three different types of cleavage that favor, and a lot, girls who do not have much bust.

  • Straight neckline: it is the quintessential neckline for girls with little breasts. The reason is simple, this shape stylizes the entire chest area and brings balance to the look.
  • Round neckline: although many defend that it is the perfect neckline for girls with a lot of chest, those with a small chest can also look very elegant with this neckline, especially if it is a short dress.
  • V-neckline: Did you know that the V-neckline can create the feeling of volume? For this reason, V-neck dresses have become the favorites of many girls with little breasts. Whether you want to wear a short dress or a long one, the v-neckline will not disappoint.

Of course, we must admit that, in this case, the neckline is not as important as the bra. If you have little chest, here we recommend that you bet on a bralette or another style of thin bra, as this will stylize your figure and it will look natural. There are also looks, like the one in the first image, that can be perfectly worn without a bra, so take risks!

Dresses for girls with a lot of breasts

Unlike in the previous example, if you wonder how to dress if you have a lot of breasts, you should know that choosing a good bra is essential. Although it seems obvious, it is extremely important that the underwear you choose supports your chest well, since finding a bra that is comfortable and safe is more difficult than it seems. This article on How to choose a bra can help you.

The second tip is that you forget those large garments that do not stylize your figure at all; bet on tight garments that highlight your curves and adapt well to the shape of your body. Once again, the V-neckline will be your best ally, but that is not the only option we offer you.

As Ariel Winter shows in the first image, the open neckline is not only a thing for girls with little breasts. However, the actress decides to forget about the classic strapless (she puts the absolute attention of the look on the chest) and instead opts for an attractive sweetheart neckline.

Wrap dresses are also a safe option; They not only prevent the figure from being disproportionate, but it is a type of dress that you can combine for any occasion.

Dresses that slim and refine the waist

If beyond the specific shape of your figure you want to find dresses that slim and refine the waist, be sure to try styles like the ones we offer you below.

  • Skinny Shirt Tops: Both slim and curvy girls have fallen for the slim fit shirt. These garments fit you elegantly and taper the waist effortlessly. In addition, with shirt holders you can open and close as many buttons as you like, thus transforming your dress to be more or less low-cut.
  • Sheer dresses: another great trend in recent seasons are sheer dresses. Its extreme lightness will give you an elegant and casual look that few dresses offer. In addition, thanks to its waves and its layers, the flowing dresses adapt perfectly to all types of bodies.
  • Wide belted dresses: the belt is an essential accessory for those women looking for dresses that refine the waist. In this case, the only thing you have to take into account is that the color of the belt stands out with the rest of the look; If you have opted for a classic outfit, the black-white contrast is a safe bet. If, on the other hand, you prefer to emulate a more fun look, do not hesitate to bet on belts with more vivid colors or even with risky prints.

Dresses that hide the belly

We finish our proposals for dresses that stylize the figure with some perfect options for those women who wonder how to hide their tummy.

  • Dresses with ruffles: the best thing about dresses with ruffles is that, apart from concealing the belly, they offer a more dynamic and attractive look. As the name suggests, this type of garment has ruffles at the bottom of the dress, thus adding volume to the outfit without disproportionate figure. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a more casual dress or a more elegant cut.
  • Slip dress: the slip dress cannot be missing from the list of dresses that hide the belly. Do you know why we love this garment? Because it stylizes the figure without sticking to the body excessively. The slip dresses are perfect for a night party or for a more casual evening, although if you want more ideas on How to dress for an informal dinner, in this article you will find other great proposals.
  • V-neckline: we will not tire of saying it, the V-neckline is a success for all types of bodies. The only advice that we do think you should take into account is to choose a dress that fits your waist well.


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