13 Mysterious stories that made our hair stand on end


Sometimes, life presents situations that play with your nerves. Maybe you can find a rational explanation for the stories that some network users have shared.

Virally Media invites you to share your opinion about these stories in the comments. Or, maybe you have some mysterious story to share?

  • A year ago, just after the death of my grandmother, I began to have a dream in which she and I always argue very loudly until we hit. Then, I wake up with a cold sweat. When my grandmother was alive, she was against my marriage and she did not even attend my wedding. I have noticed that I have those dreams when my relationship with my husband is going very well. As soon as discussions begin with him and we talk about a possible divorce, the dream quickly stops appearing. The strange thing is that only when I fix my family problems, the dream of discussions with my grandmother comes back again.
  • My Australian parakeet speaks when I sleep. He knows how to say hello, laugh and make observations, but last night he said timidly: “Do not do it, do not do it, please do not do it …” And I’m definitely not crazy, even my girlfriend heard it too. Until this moment, we had always slept peacefully with the lights off, but tonight we will sleep with the light on …
  • My husband works in shifts and leaves at night. He asked me to accompany him to the stop and I waited until he got into his truck. On the way back, I had to go on foot, since the car stopped working for unknown reasons. To my amazement, when I got home, I turned on the television because I heard many sirens from patrols in the distance, a strong accident had occurred near the stop where I had left my husband … The next day, my husband and I went to the car and, to my surprise, he just had to turn the key of the car and it ignited … Did someone protect me that night or was it just coincidence?
  • I speak in a very affectionate way to my appliances, as well as to people. And here comes the mystery, the same toaster that burns everyone’s bread, gives me incredible toasted bread rolls. A dryer that my mom was about to throw began to dry my hair perfectly. In short, I think the words are nice even for appliances!
  • My friend loves everything related to mysticism: read the letters, believe in the elves, ghosts and is fond of astrology. I am a highly rational person: I believe and believe that science can explain everything with the help of chemistry, physics, and biology. I often disagree with all your thoughts. Between us, there was a discussion about love spells. I decided to show him that this was a complete lie and apply it in my own example: we performed a “spell” on a boy I liked from another group at school, but he showed no interest in me.
    The right time, candles, blood, some kind of whispers, his photo and the matter was done. After a week, the boy accompanied me to my house for the first time; after two, we kissed near the university, in the third week, he said he loved me. At first I thought everything was coincidence and even funny. But his love became an obsession. When he rejected any of his invitations, he became very hysterical and annoyed. Subsequently, everything happened to aggression; once, he took me very hard and left me with bruises.
    I was very scared and decided to finish with him. At first, everything was horrible. He was waiting for me at the entrance of my apartment, he wrote me messages, he called me and he told me that he would die without me; I spent the night outside the entrance to my apartment, I shouted through the window. His parents decided to take him to another city so he would not do anything foolish. I changed my phone number and blocked it on all social networks. I hope this was not my fault and he himself was responsible for that inappropriate behavior. We live in the 21st century, what witchcraft can exist?!
  • I live in a student residence. I do not believe in mysticism at all, however, the night before, I became very nervous. I was beginning to fall asleep and I heard a noise as if my headphones hit the floor (all that time they were beside me on the bed). I started to be afraid, I turned my face towards the wall and suddenly I felt the breath of someone in my neck. After this, the floor began to grind, the bags to make noise, including a refrigerator that did not work. I could not stand it anymore and I woke up my friend. The rest of the night I kept the light on. Since then, I cannot understand what happened.
  • A few years ago, something happened to me: I worked as a waitress in a coffee shop, some girls asked me to take a picture of them, capturing all the adjacent tables (so they will be noticed in a café). Of course, I accepted the favor. I made a first shot, second, and in the third I was completely surprised, in one of the tables there were two men sitting and one of them did not appear in the photo … How could that be possible?
  • I have a strange memory of my childhood: a quiet but cruel voice that told me something important. I do not remember having heard her in any specific situation, not even what she told me. It is worth mentioning that none of my relatives has that voice.
  • I love Montpellier, a city in the south of France. The first time I visited that city I was 13 years old and near a convent I came across a boy about 8 years old who looked a little scared, however, I did not pay too much attention and I did not mention anything to my parents. Last week, after 10 years, I returned to the same place and literally my skin looks somewhat Asian when I found on one of the walls of the convent a series of photographs of missing children and, yes, there he was.
  • I was 14 or 15 years old. I came to visit to spend the night with my aunt, I slept in a separate bedroom. He was lying down and trying to sleep, since it was too late, watching a thin line formed by the reflection of the Moon between the curtains. Suddenly, I realized that there was a person next to my bed! My heart was beating a thousand times an hour, the blood began to come quickly to my head, I tried to get up but my body did not respond. I looked at this figure, that thing was just standing, it measured about two meters, it was a big black shadow without any distinctive signs. In a flash, his black hands began to rise and I felt myself sinking slowly on the bed as if it were a mattress deflating. At this moment, the control over my body returned and I managed to sit down, but to my surprise, there was no one in the bedroom. I ran to turn on the light and then to the computer and, until morning, I did not close my eyes. Then I started reading about such things and found something like sleep paralysis, a fairly common phenomenon. There is only one “but”: I do not remember having slept that night or having awakened.
  • It seems to me that something has gone wrong. My lucky number is 13, it surrounds me everywhere from birth. I was born at 13 hours, the list of students also appeared under the number 13 and initially in my repertoire there were 13 songs … My mom got so fed up that she decided to give me a cover for my mobile phone with the number 13. There are people they think I have some obsession with that number, however, I trusted him. Recently, I read that in the US that number is considered a symbol of bad omen. Whether this is true or not, it has always filled me with surprises.
  • At home, often mysterious things happen: the plates make noise, the pictures fall and you hear some kind of whisper. But this incident was the most horrible. I dreamed that a goblin rushed at me; At first, he started to strangle me and I just could not move, then he took me by the legs and threw me, at that moment, I woke up with a wild scream right on the edge of the couch, my husband was scared. After this, all the joints of the leg that the goblin had taken me hurt me for a few days.
  • When I was 10 or 11 years old, I loved to go to the lake with my mother to dive at a shallow depth. It was a kind of game: I would submerge with my eyes closed and pick up sand from the bottom, then return to the surface to see my “capture”. Often they were stones or shells, but once I opened my hand and saw a big gold ring! I ran quickly with my mom and she was surprised and excited. I left the ring with her and again I went to submerge. When I opened my hand, I again found a silver ring a little darkened with an alexandrite. My mother practically was surprised and even to date she does not believe how it was possible to get two rings from the bottom of a lake without seeing. This has been the most amazing and inexplicable thing that has happened to me, I used that silver ring for a long time and to this day I still keep them.

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