11 advantages of natural sun creams with mineral filters

The sun is necessary for health, but overexposure can be dangerous. It is important to apply sun creams, if possible, with mineral filters, which are more natural.

To effectively protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun, it is best to expose yourself to it having applied a sunscreen.

Natural cosmetics prefer physical photoprotectors, also called minerals, since they do not penetrate the skin and their action is not based on chemical reactions.

They consist of a base cream of natural ingredients to which minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are added, finely powdered. These act as a screen and reflect the solar radiation that reaches the surface of the skin, preventing it from entering the body.


  1. They are harmless: they do not present the danger of many chemical filters that contain ingredients that can interfere with different hormonal cycles and alter the body.
  2. Its effect is immediate: They do not need to be absorbed and transformed into the skin, as is the case with chemicals, so they do not need to be applied half an hour before exposure. They begin their action as soon as they are spread on the skin surface. Therefore, its effect is more comfortable, fast and effective.
  3. They do not penetrate the skin. By acting on the skin as a screen, radiation and its harmful effects do not penetrate even the slightest bit, making them much more suitable for people with sun-related pathologies.
  4. They cause fewer allergies. They cause far fewer allergies and intolerances.
  5. Its FPS is exact. Its sun protection factor (SPF) is much more accurate and real than that of chemicals. They also protect against ultraviolet A and B radiation.
  6. They are not altered by heat. Being minerals, they are more chemically stable. This fact is important, since they are products that are used under the sun and, sometimes, at high temperatures. This ability to remain unaltered makes them effective for much longer and always with the same protective effect.
  7. Its formulation is improving. There is a lot of research in this field. Thus, each season new better formulated products appear. They are no longer pasty creams that whiten, as they were years ago. Today there are fluid milks, oils and creams that are quickly and comfortably absorbed with or without color, as well as water resistant.
  8. They hydrate and nourish. Many of the sunscreens are also moisturizing and nourishing, they incorporate in their formulation high-value plant extracts, such as vitamin C, which help prevent the skin from drying out and eliminate the oxidative effects of radiation. They also have plants with carotenoids, which are substances that, in addition to protecting the skin, give it a beautiful tan.
  9. They are biodegradable. There are already protected places, such as beaches in certain countries, where they are mandatory, since chemical sunscreens pollute the water and create many ecological problems. And, whether or not they are required, the planet will always appreciate their use.
  10. They take a long-lasting tan. Although slower, they allow a much safer and longer-lasting tan. It should be remembered that sun creams must be used without skimping or forgetting any area, and that they must be renewed every two hours, especially if you are practicing sports. It is always better to avoid the central hours of the day (from 12 to 16 hours), especially on high radiation days, and to sunbathe while doing sports or walking rather than lying down. It is also advisable to sunbathe gradually, starting with short periods of time.
  11. They do not contain nanoparticles. If the cream shows a natural or ecological seal (such as Ecocert, COSMOS, Nature, etc.), it does not contain nanoparticulate ingredients that could represent a health risk due to their ability to be absorbed by the body. Aluminum oxide and titanium dioxide are finely powdered in mineral photo protectants, but the new formulations guarantee the absence of nanoparticles that can penetrate the skin or be inhaled.

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