10 signs you need a makeover

The dreaded makeover! Some of us simply love to change and we are not afraid to face scissors or dye in order to achieve it, however there are women who find it difficult to take the step and bet on alternatives that modify their appearance. If you are reading these lines it is very likely that you are one of them.

The first thing you should know is that changes are necessary to refresh and improve our appearance, to look renewed and to convey a sense of evolution. Don”t get attached to anything! Not your hair, not your wardrobe, not even the way you put your makeup on, times change and you should too. And in case you still have doubts, here we bring you 10 signs that you need a change of look, but now!

Year after year you always look the same

If when you look at the photos of high school, college and even 5 years ago and in all of them you look the same … my friend, here is a problem! You cannot have the same style throughout your life because human beings constantly evolve and that evolution is both internal and external.

If you are terrified of change, it is time to face your fears and say yes to courage, you will see how you do not regret being someone new also on the outside.

Your hair is less funny than a joke at a wake

Doesn”t anyone tell you anything nice about your haircut, your color or your style? Is your hair simple, lifeless and completely unnoticed? Well, you know that this is one of the signs that you need a clearer and more obvious change of look.

Hair is one of the best alternatives to make a radical and attractive makeover, and if you don”t take advantage of it, you”ll always look boring and simple. Why don”t you have more fun with your style?

No one has complimented your clothes for centuries

The last time they told you that you were looking cute was your first communion? Didn”t you get a compliment on your clothes since graduation? Then you have problems, because that means that your clothes are not attractive at all, are out of fashion or simply that they do not fit you.

It is very clear that choosing beautiful clothes that fit us is not easy, but we must learn to take care of ourselves on the outside as we do on the inside, in this way we will feel happy and in balance. Prepare your most comfortable clothes, call that friend or family member who knows the most about trends and fashion, and go shopping to give that much-needed twist to your appearance.

Your closet is stuck in time

Your clothes are very fashionable… If you lived in the past decade! If when you open your wardrobe you realize that you haven”t changed your style for centuries, that most of your clothes are years old and that you haven”t been shopping in a long time, there is no doubt that you need to change your look urgently.

We insist on step one: you can”t look the same your whole life, if you change, why wouldn”t your appearance?

People close to you keep giving you hints

Your best friend tells you why not try X so cool cut that it would look very nice on you, someone in your family has told you that there are sales and that maybe you should go buy something new, when it comes to talking about trends people nor does he look at you … Listen to what your environment says!

People close to us, who love and value us, many times try to help us to realize that our appearance looks sloppy , that we could try new styles that would suit us much better or that it is time to change. If this happens to you frequently, it is because it is time to innovate.

Your makeup is perfect for carnival!

If when you go out to the street people look at you intensely and with a strange or surprised face, it is clear that something is wrong with your appearance and often the culprit is makeup. We are no longer in the 80s and now the more natural the better, you must choose a style for each occasion and learn to be moderate with colors.

You haven”t received a compliment on your looks since the 90s

Think about it, when was the last time someone told you that you looked gorgeous? And for the record, an 8-year-old girl is not worth it, we are referring to adults and those around you.

If every time you get together with your friends, family and work colleagues you go completely unnoticed, then clearly there are problems with your style. When we look and feel good, when we wear clothes appropriate to our body (already this decade) and when we are detailed with our appearance, there will always be someone who throws us flowers and if this does not happen it is important to know what is wrong and work to correct it and feel ourselves better.

You always have your hair up. Set it free!

Among the signs that you need a look change this is one of the clearest and most forceful. If you always wear your hair with a ponytail, a bun, collected and hiding its shape and style, it is because you definitely do not have a cut that flatters you and accentuates your beauty.

Visit a hairdresser now to discover the best options for you and forget about excuses such as “the hair in my face bothers me.” We do not propose a bangs that cover your eyes but a style according to your age and face to look much more beautiful and leave your hair free.

Your clothes are no longer your current size and nothing looks good on you

Pants don”t even fit with petroleum jelly, blouses and T-shirts mark your body leaving each fold uncovered or, on the contrary, your clothes fit you and one just like you, everything is big on you and you don”t know how to show off the shape of your Body.

If you wear maternity clothes and you have had your child years ago or if you still wear the same shirts and pants that you used in your first year in college, you have to change now! You have to renew yourself, choose clothes in your size and enhance the shapes of your body, get advice from a friend who knows the subject and knows the trends, investigate what is best for your figure and choose clothes with which you can hide the areas that you annoy and highlight the most attractive.

When you look in the mirror, what you see bores you

Accepting our body is essential to feel good about ourselves and improve our self-esteem. But it is one thing to accept our physical appearance and another, very different, is that it is completely boring and without grace.

If you constantly look at the other girls, their hair, their makeup or their clothes and you think that you do not look like that, or if you are tired of seeing yourself every day the same , then it is time to go to the hairdresser, go through some stores of clothes and say yes to a total appearance change. He who does not risk does not win or lose, so why not bet and look great?

These 10 signs that you need a change of look are clearer than water, so if you have answered yes too many of them it is time for you to take action on the matter and bet on something new and different.

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